Page Kennedy co-stars in The Meg

The first trailer for the Jason Statham giant shark action movie The Meg is out, and… surprise! It turns out it’s a far-future science fiction movie set in a high-tech deep-sea research station that strongly resembles a space station. The tone is grave and serious, like Alien mixed with the better parts of Sphere. There are some shocks, but clearly, this is a tension-packed, grim future-horror movie.

Or wait, no. That’s just the first half of the trailer. The second half reveals it’s actually a wacky mega-monster movie along the lines of Sharktopus, complete with dog reaction shots and one-liners. Also, Bobby Darin is singing his swinging, upbeat rendition of “Beyond the Sea” for some reason.

Or wait, given the visual references to Jaws and to shark science, maybe it’s trying to do something serious after all? And Jason Statham is certainly acting like he’s in one of his many straight-faced action movies. But c’mon, someone’s trying to escape a building-sized shark by running away from it in a Zorb ball. What exactly is going on in this trailer?